What is our body trying to tell us?

Our physical body is always a reflection of what’s happening in our other 2 bodies (emotional and mental). So as soon as you feel uncomfortable in your physical body, you’ll know you are out of balance in one or both of your other  2 bodies and you are  not  listening to some of their needs. The body’s natural state is being in balance and at ease, the moment there is the slightest dis-ease – your body starts communicating with you. Of course, you have the right not to listen to your need of restoring balance, there is free will after all.

But your body will take it as not being heard and deliver the message louder and louder till you eventually will be forced to listen. Your physical symptoms will become more severe, chronic, re-occurring etc. Your body is the last stop in the warning system, by the time we manifest imbalances physically we have already ignored so many other warning signs like: instinct, inner voice…

Let me help you decoding your body’s language and hand the power back into your hands. Send me your medical history and I will compile your metaphysical profile which includes your mental and spiritual blockages, and with that the cause of your physical illness.

Are you ready to uncover blockages behind the dis-ease in your body?

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