Latest Past Events

Basics of Spirituality Course by Bradley Schuit

Come and learn about the basics of Spirituality with Psychic Medium, Bradley Schuit! 😎 The course will cover all the main topics of spirituality which are important to understand for personal growth! 😁 🙏 Prayer 🔮 Psychic Abilities 🌚 Basics of Astrology 💥 Manifesting 👼 Angels 🧚‍♂️Spirit Guides 🧞 Ascended Masters 🧘‍♂️Meditation 💫 Vibrarion and [...]


Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety Workshop

Workshop: Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety Life today comes with many challenges, whether it's Covid 19, crime, finances, politics and riots... Whatever it is, many of us live in a stressed-out or even a hyper-vigilant state, constantly. Come and immerse yourself in a gentle explorative workshop with visiting U.S. Life Coach Louise Crooks, learning [...]


Journaling Circle for Women – SISTERHOOD PEN & PRANA KZN

Journaling Circle for Women. A deeper exploration, and expression of you, using journaling, breath, and conscious awareness to guide you. 9 October 2021 1-5pm Kaleidoscope Studio, 57 Assagay Road Hillcrest, KZN Investment: R250. Proof of payment secures Call/Whatsapp Celeste on 082 741 9578 or email The intention is to get creative, maybe adventurous, and [...]