The different personal Numerology charts are compiled by using your date of birth, your name given at birth and the name you are most called by on a daily basis. Each and every number in your numerology chart is of important significance for you

What is Numerology?

Through your birth and name numbers, you are given the keys to unlock your true potential and to be able to examine the influences you chose to be born with in this lifetime. Numerology can assist you to begin to live the life you were born to live.


Corporate Numerology

Various packages are available, including company name, company address, phone number, business card, letterheads, business partners, product ranges/names etc, Recommendations for employment candidates.
The science of Numerology will give you the edge in the corporate world: Your business name, partners, share holders, job titles, Your business address, product name, email address etc.

Numerology Services Offered

Other services Numerology can offer: Baby names, Pet names (never call your cat Rambo), Find the perfect new home, Partnership compatibility,
Forecasts (by the year or month). The possibilities are unlimited, for numbers are all around us..